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Nepal Situation Report 9: The Nepalese people are thankful for emergency response

Relief workers had to dig their way through landslides to reach the thankful beneficiaries in Nepal’s remote villages.

The monsoon creates more and more challenges for the emergency response in Nepal. Several helicopter flights have been cancelled, and landslides are blocking the roads. Response teams have had to dig their way through landslides and walk for several hours to reach the remote villages.

Nepal situation report 8: Fear of child and woman trafficking

The emergency response in Nepal is proceeding, but security is still a concern for the population in the affected areas.

The response after the earthquakes in Nepal is proceeding but there is growing concern for trafficking of women and children. Poor weather conditions are also a challenge and the Mission East and Medair team was stuck in district headquarters Chautara for two days.

Nepal Situation Report 6: Earthquake Emergency Response

A nepalese member of parliament praise Mission East and Medair for their relief effort.

Six weeks after the first earthquake hit Nepal, Mission East reached 15.000 people with relief aid. Exactly 4.129 families have received shelter and hygiene kits in five village districts. Mission East works together with Medair in the relief effort.


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