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Nepal Situation Report 13: Hygiene kits and latrines prevent diseases in Nepal

Nepal Situation Report 13

8,480 families of the earthquake struck area of Sindhupalchowk district now have access to emergency relief items, clean water and hygiene kits.

Emergency aid to the Himalayas

Many children are at risk of becoming victims of trafficking following the earthquakes in Nepal be-cause they have no safe place to be. The school building in Piskar is completely destroyed, and the children play in the ruins. It is therefore important to quickly commence with the rebuilding.


Piskar lies just a few kilometres from the epicentre of the earthquake that hit Nepal on May 12th and the majority of the houses in the village have collapsed. Mission East arrived with humanitarian aid in the form of tarpaulins and hygiene kits shortly before the monsoon set in and mudslides blocked the roads.

‘We need a house to live in’

Man Kaji viser sit ødelagte hus, da han bærer nødhjælpen hjem.Man Kaji shows his destroyed house as he carries the emergency aid home.


In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, the elderly and people with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable. Man Kaji and Maili Maya are some of the beneficiaries of Mission East’s relief efforts. The rebuilding commences after the monsoon.


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