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Nepal 2006: Clean water and disaster awareness are lifesavers

Dhainakot, Nepal, 2006. “Her parents were not alive anymore, and she lived with her grandparents who quite obviously did not want her. At their advanced age, they had sufficient problems feeding themselves,” Graeme Glover said about the little girl he met in the village of Dhainakot in western Nepal. Photo: Mission East

Since 2006, Mission East has worked to develop remote mountain communities in western Nepal. The poverty-stricken population has found new opportunities and hope for the future. A permanent presence in the country also enables Mission East to respond quickly to disaster situations.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

Chhepi's fields are green again

In the village of Chhepi the residents rely on irrigation to cultivate the land.

A project on ”climate-smart” agriculture has created optimism in a village in Western Nepal. With solar-powered water pumps the local farmers can irrigate and cultivate their fields. In December, Mission East’s local partner organisation received an award for the project.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

"Water and shelter from Mission East saved our lives"

Dalli’s dream has always been to get a water tap near her house. With help from Mission East this dream has now come true.

Dalli saw her house crumble when the earthquake struck Nepal last spring. The 44-year-old woman and her children had to sleep in the open until Mission East provided material for shelter and hygiene. Now the work continues to secure the future for other vulnerable families.


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