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Information about the orphanage in Nepal

The Nepal Eternity Orphan Home, an orphanage supported financially by Mission East, is going through serious difficulties and the current orphanage director has been removed from his duties. A team from Mission East went to Nepal to gather information and to assess the situation.

Leaflet: Economic growth for social justice

Leaflet of Access to Trade, Inclusion and Social Justice for Karnali People

Plants and herbs, which are considered effective in traditional Nepali medical treatment, are important resources for the population living in Nepal's Karnali region, but people have limited access to market information and little technical knowledge to create value from harvested plants.

Water and sanitation gives rise to healthier communities in Karnali

Review: Building up Healthier Communities in Karnali, Nepal 2008-2011

Since the inception of Mission East WASH activities in Nepal in 2008, access to clean water and better hygiene practices has significantly improved.
This is the conclusion of a fresh review which also includes lessons learned.


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