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Women Welfare Services

Women Welfare Services  is an NGO registered in Simikot, Humla. It was founded with the aim of addressing extreme poverty and deprivation of women in the Karnali with an initial focus in Humla District. Poor access to justice for women, lack of awareness of women’s rights and deplorable socio-economic conditions of women in general compelled them to organize women to establish the organization. The goal of the organization is to work for the poor in general and women in particular.


Karnali Integrated Rural Development And Research Centre

The Karnali Integrated Rural Development And Research Centre ( has been engaged in the Karnali district on Nepal since 1999 to promote social justice.


Rural Development Group Program

The Rural Development Group Program is an NGO registered in the Jumla district of Nepal in 1993 with a vision for creation of self-dependent, equitable, developed and progressive civilized society. It has been working with poor and marginalized farmer, women, child, Dalits, poor and vulnerable communities in Jumla district to ensure the right to live through natural resources management and enhance the socioeconomic status of the people.


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