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Nepal Situation Report 6: Earthquake Emergency Response

A nepalese member of parliament praise Mission East and Medair for their relief effort.

Six weeks after the first earthquake hit Nepal, Mission East reached 15.000 people with relief aid. Exactly 4.129 families have received shelter and hygiene kits in five village districts. Mission East works together with Medair in the relief effort.

Nepal Program Review 2014

Nepal Review 2014

2014 has seen the successful completion of 4 important projects for Mission East in Nepal. These projects focused on disaster risk reduction and resilience building women empowerment, and trade and business in the NTFP sector.  New  projects will start in 2015 in the same direction but including lessons learned from past actions. 

Dalit community faces severe struggle after Earthquake

Sapna and Bhawani in front of scattered house

15-year old Sapna lost four cousins in the earthquake and the family’s house was completely destroyed. The family now lives in a tent in the schoolyard with no source of income.


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