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Mission East supports the first ever Child Assessment Centre in Armenia

Opening of the new centre

The opening ceremony of the first ever Child Assessment Centre in Armenia was held on September 18th with the participation of Mission East and representatives from several ministries and local authorities.

Danish disability leaders visit Mission East in Armenia

Child in wheelchair in Armenia

Two of the leaders of the disability movement in Denmark recently visited Mission East in Armenia. The visit is part of Mission East’s project "A Healthy Start" with the objective to give voice to the disabled in Armenia who suffer from a high degree of stigma and rarely receive the care they need.

Armenia’s first parents conference

Parents conference

On July 27, more than 50 parents of disabled children from seven Marzes of Armenia gathered for a conference titled 'Parents to Parents'. The conference is the first in its kind in the history of the Armenian republic, and among the participants were representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and Ministry of Health.


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