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Kim Myong Chi: "Jeg kan ikke fortælle det med 2-3 ord"

North Korean man who was hit be the floods in 2012

Pludselig forsvandt gulvet og væggene i Kim Myong Chis hus. Han faldt ned i floden, hvor vandet var steget med mere end fem meter.

Frosten truer 11-årige Kang i Nordkorea

Flere end 200.000 børn og voksne i Nordkorea går en iskold vinter i møde uden et sted at varme sig. Oversvømmelser har ødelagt deres huse og gjort mange hjemløse.

Vi bringer håb til de svageste i Nordkorea: Hjælp til forældreløse børn i Haeju

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Project Background: 


Mission East has been supporting three provincial orphanages in Haeju City, the capital of South Hwanghae Province with food assistance for a period of 6 months as part of a previous project. Despite our interventions, and the work of some other agencies to help these children, their health and nutrition status remains poor and there are many signs that they have a very low quality of life. Children in the 'Baby Home' for 0-5 years are in particularly dire conditions which may be life-threatening for some of these young children. Mission East wishes to provide further material assistance, accompanied by training and more intensive monitoring over the period of one year to try to achieve a lasting difference in the lives of these children. 

Project Aims: 


To improve the physical and mental health status of children living in orphanage institutions in Haeju City through an improved quality of life.



This project will aim to achieve the following 4 results:

1. Improved nutritional status of children at the orphanages - through providing supplementary maize and soy beans, constructing greenhouses, providing animals for milk and eggs, carrying out more intensive growth monitoring and providing training.

2. Improved psycho-social stimulation - through providing toys and educational materials, together with training on child psychological development and age-appropriate activities.

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