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Building Hope: Assistance to Flood Victims in North Korea - Part 1, House Reconstruction

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Heavy rainfall, typhoons and thunderstorms have caused serious damage across the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) during the months of July and August 2012. Flooding has affected 61 counties in 10 provinces throughout the country, and is particularly serious in North and South Pyongan Provinces. According to government data of the damages across the country as of 3 August, 60,096 households were affected by flooding, killing 169 people and leaving 212,204 homeless. Considerable farmland was destroyed and 41 water supply sources were damaged. Since these figures were released, a second bout of flooding and Typhoon Bolaven struck in August causing additional deaths, displacing tens of thousands, and destroying more homes and farmland.


On August 27-28, Mission East visited two of the country’s most severely affected counties in North and South Pyongan Provinces. We were able to visit flood-damaged areas, interview local residents and speak with local authorities about the damages in their counties. Elderly people in both counties said this was the worst flooding they had ever seen in their lifetime. In Kujang County of North Pyongan, 81 people died and 281 were injured; and 601 houses were totally destroyed leaving 3,200 people homeless. In Songchon County of South Pyongan, 60 people died and 68 were injured; and 5,600 homes were partially or completely damaged, affecting 10,900 people.


Authorities in both counties are now prioritizing providing adequate housing for the homeless before winter starts, but little work has yet been done towards this. Fuel shortages and lack of machinery make construction efforts difficult and few construction supplies are locally available. Local authorities state that the central government does not have the capacity to assist them and that the damages across the country are too much for the government to address alone. 

Project Aims: 

Project Aims:

To assist flood-affected populations in North Korea to be able to meet their basic need for shelter following severe flood damages. 

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This project will contribute to recovery and rebuilding efforts in severely flood-affected areas of North Korea. The project will construct new houses for those whose homes were destroyed by the flooding in July-August 2012. 


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Kujang County, North Pyongan Province and Songchon County, South Pyongan Province

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A question of life or death

Kim Hartzner, Mission East, with children in North Korea

Typhoons and floods have caused huge damage in North Korea. By the end of August 2012 Managing Director Kim Hartzner returned from the country that is already struggling to feed it's population.
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