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The boy Ram now lives in dignity

Six-year old Ram was not born blind, but he was born poor. When he was four, he lost his eyesight after being beaten by his brothers.

A blind Nepalese boy was forced to live in a cowshed. Now Ram is flourishing at a home that is run by Mission East’s partner organisation, HEAD Nepal.

By Patrick Sweeting, Mission East Country Director, Nepal

Nepal 2006: Clean water and disaster awareness are lifesavers

Dhainakot, Nepal, 2006. “Her parents were not alive anymore, and she lived with her grandparents who quite obviously did not want her. At their advanced age, they had sufficient problems feeding themselves,” Graeme Glover said about the little girl he met in the village of Dhainakot in western Nepal. Photo: Mission East

Since 2006, Mission East has worked to develop remote mountain communities in western Nepal. The poverty-stricken population has found new opportunities and hope for the future. A permanent presence in the country also enables Mission East to respond quickly to disaster situations.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

Heller ikke børn med handicap skal sulte

Familien skammede sig over blinde Ram, som derfor blev henvist til at bo i en kostald og tigge sig til føden. Nu får han mad og skolegang med hjælp fra Mission Øst.

Intet barn må sulte. Det er temaet for årets Danmarks Indsamling, der kulminerer med et stort tv-show på DR1 lørdag aften den 4. februar. Danmarks Radio er gået sammen med 12 store hjælpeorganisationer. Mission Øst er med gennem Danmarks Indsamlingens tilskudspulje.


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