"Retten til at forsørge sig selv" - Øget økonomisk integration af handicappede unge for at forbedre deres levevilkår, Tavush, Armenien | Mission East

"Retten til at forsørge sig selv" - Øget økonomisk integration af handicappede unge for at forbedre deres levevilkår, Tavush, Armenien

Project Status: 


Development objective: Increased economic and social inclusion of youth with disabilities and strong civil society organizations in Tavush Marz, Armenia.

Immediate objective 1: By the end of the first year 4 regional Platforms for Civic Synergy and a strong civil society allow Youth with Disability to lead advocacy and awareness raising activities on their rights to vocational education and employment.

Immediate objective 2; By the end of the project, 120 youth with disabilities receive vocational education and get qualifications relevant to local labour market from newly established inclusive courses at 8 vocational training centres.

Immediate objective 3. By the end of the project, 120 youth with disabilities in Tavush Marz have access to diversified income generation activities, markets/ potential employers and government benefits.


Vocational Education Training (VET) possibilities specifically adapted to youth with disabilities (YWD) is still scarce and underdeveloped in Armenia. At present only 2 VET schools in Yerevan are ready to teach YWD as per labour market requirements. This results in 86% of working age YWD with no vocational training and a consequent exclusion from the workforce.

Being deprived from VET opportunities, YWD are lacking vocational competencies demanded by the labour market making them entirely dependent on inadequate disability pensions to survive and, as a result, their income is considerably lower than that of non-disabled people.

This exclusion foreshadows a lifetime of unemployment and marginal employment among a population eager to work. This is compounded by discriminatory attitudes, inaccessible environments and communication barriers that contribute to further marginalization and exclusion from social and economic life.

This project strives to increase social and economic inclusion of YWD and strengthen their civil society organizations in 4 urban and 4 rural communities of Tavush region, Armenia. This will be done by enhancing advocacy capacities of both YWD and of civil society and by bringing together state and none-state actors active in VET and employment.

The project will also increase capacities of 8 VET centers to provide inclusive vocational education and training to YWD relevant to local labor market demands. Finally, the project will enhance access to diversified income generation activities, markets, potential employers and government benefits for YWD in Tavush region.



Key outputs planned for this project:

• 4 BoH Tavush centers got enhanced advocacy capacities to impact regional policies and practices linked with VET and employment opportunities for YWD

• Leaders among YWD are trained in advocacy and have joined Advocacy Groups in 4 BoH regional centers.

• 4 large scale campaign realized by AGs in each region.

• 4 Platforms for Civic Synergy (PCS) established and functioning.

• On-going information on job opportunities is disseminated by PCSs.

• Teachers of 8 VET centers are certified in inclusive VET education.

• VET curricula are adapted to be inclusive by trained teachers.

• YWDs have developed their vocational competencies in 8 VET centers.

• 25 meetings organized by 4 regional BoH centers and EA’s with potential Tavush employers to introduce the vocational potential of YWDs and the government’s

• 85 certified YWDs furthered their training in income generation and business planning at the Tavush Business Support Centre

• Mapping the access to possible microcredit programs, income generation grant opportunities and links set up.

• 4 BoH Tavush centers show increased engagement with local/ national authorities, Civil Society, international organizations and networks.


Største donor:

Civil Society in Development (CISU)




Specific communities/ towns in Tavush marz, Armenia